About Bold&Resolute

Bold&Resolute is an entertainment production company based in Melbourne, Australia, and Los Angeles, USA.

We create and produce content for people who are in (or want to be in) a practice of mindfulness by translating the wisdom we all have, into engaging content that we call ‘adventures’.

Creating a series of adventures is about taking people on various journeys to help them discover their role in the creation and development of their own life story.

Our goal is to teach, inspire, and empower human beings who willingly choose a life of mindfulness — to practice self-awareness, to choose self-regulation, and to experience equanimity.

Mindfulness is self awareness, self regulation, and equanimity

What is Equanimity?

Equanimity is the state of higher being (or self-actualisation), which is achieved through the alignment of the head, heart, and soul.

It is considered to be an ‘advanced’ level of self-awareness that is achieved by letting go of the subtle judgement that exists in our usual practice of self-awareness, and self-regulation.

If self-awareness helps us understand our relationship to the wins and losses in life, and self-regulation helps us choose consciously when winning and losing, equanimity is loving the wins, draws, and losses equally, and not attaching meaning and identity to any of them.

When the duality of life — the right and wrong, the good and bad — ceases to be our master, we are able to develop a loving relationship with the whole of life, and have gratitude for all conditions.

Our modern world is built on a foundation of conflict, comparison, and competition. Therefore, conflicts of the head and heart are a standard affair today, and most people experience stress and anxiety trying to navigate the path towards their goals and dreams.

Feelings of ‘not enoughness’, and conditional joy, love, and happiness is a typical life for a modern human, and they are exacerbated by how we define self-worth through ego.

Who we are

We are business coaches, creators, leaders, founders, teachers, producers, parents, and fellow humans who teach, support, coach, and counsel hundreds of founders, creators, and leaders from all across the world.

Having lived and worked in high-pressure business environments, we too have suffered through constant internal conflict.

In cultivating, navigating, and developing our own practice to experience more alignment with the head, heart, and soul, we wanted to share our work with others and continue to meet wonderful people, and create inspiring experiences together.

We hope our work helps you to experience a life that feels lighter, easier, inspiring, and deeply connected to your own humanity.

Operating as serious and very important adults, we can forget that we are all allowed to have joy, fun, ease, and play in our lives. We are allowed to change our minds, and to choose something else.